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Our Story Productions (OSP) is a company made up of fifty-four volunteers and four staff people who have long believed that the life we lead in the communities of Iowa (IA) needs to be shared! 

Established in 2007, OSP is primarily involved in promoting the towns in the Upper Midwest on cable television and our website! We often hear that the rural way of life is dying, but we believe that it is merely changing, and we embrace these changes while preserving the incredible heritage of rural life. In our communities towns will find many unique points of interest and outstanding businesses!

The question is how to inform potential visitors what they can see and do when they visit our towns! OSP is proud to announce we have developed this additional website that enables it's viewers to locate the towns of Iowa, their points of interests, businesses and organizations on a map that features stories and videos in a variety of categories.

Our goal is to feature the towns in Iowa that we believe best represent our lifestyle and produce video stories about them. To draw attention to the town video stories OSP produces each of their video stories with the help of citizens from the fictitious county of Sweet Swine! This adds a bit of humor, again to draw attention and still spotlight what's special about our communities!

OSP is excited to present this new website, all of our communities are looking for ways to promote our towns, points of interest, businesses and organizations, with the help of our volunteers and our town businesses and organizations we now can show what there is to see and do in the towns of Iowa!

Remember it's not just the past, but the present that tells our story!



Watch the news program "Tuesday Afternoon". On this episode host Charles Cornralt and his guest Cousin John talk about the partnership between Our Story Productions and KLUK TV located in Sweet Swine County.

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